About Synergy Educational Consulting, LLC


Executive Summary

Synergy Educational Consulting, LLC is an evolutionary education service provider with nearly 20 years experience in higher education administration, strategic planning, staff development, synchronous and asynchronous curriculum design and instruction, contracts & grants writing/management, collaborative partnership expertise, program evaluations, youth development, re-entry strategies, youth incarceration prevention, high school dropout rate decrease strategies based on dissertation of collaborative program design for over-aged/under-credited youth, charters for charter school experience and student engagement and retention expertise. Speaking engagements on recent book release “Choices” which is available on Amazon.com and bn.com.


Synergy’s mission is to service its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor.  Much of the information that Synergy provides is mission critical, so we give our clients the assurance that we will be there when they need us.


Synergy Consulting operates on the assumption that successful business ventures are based on sound planning, current information and efficient implementation.  Individuals and businesses that have an eye on success need to find quality consulting services and support.

Established in 2002, Synergy is a Limited Liability Company with offices located in Atlanta, GA and Pflugervile, TX with services provided throughout the United States.

Synergy Consulting provides services to Institutions of Higher Education, Departments of Education, School Districts, Individual Schools, Not-for-Profits, For-Profits, Grants & Contract funded programs, Correctional Facilities and Educational Components of Corporations.

We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering quality services. We can achieve this by developing  services, utilizing proven methods of instructional delivery, clear communication and by closely understanding market trends, research and needs.

Dr. Smith’s most recent endeavor involves prison reform research and the early intervention of educational support to combat the disproportionate amount of incarcerated youth.

In pursuit of our goal, we resolve to treat all constituents and the community with the level of interest and respect that we desire for ourselves.


The services provided by Synergy are based upon personal experience and educational training. The founder of Synergy Consulting Services, Sandra D. Smith, was born in rural Alabama and began her educational pursuits at the height of the desegregation era. She holds a Doctorate of Human Services from Capella University and holds a Masters of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University. A quality education was emphasized by her parents who understood that education was the key to success. Her background and experience in higher education administration, professorship, corporate America, and secondary education have given her an unwavering commitment to the highest educational standards in order to support and encourage today’s youth and adults.


We have no direct competition, but there are alternatives to our consulting services in the marketplace. Our services are unique because they are based on the specific background, education and experiences of the Owner/CEO.