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Interview with Cable Network

Interview with Cable Network

“Choices” Author Dr. Sandra D. Smith

Choices is built around the rise and fall, regret, and redemption and is inspired by real events in Dr. Smith’s life. “This story has touched many lives and guided them to begin the healing and forgiveness process”, says Dr. Smith.

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A few book Reviews:

“If you could just imagine the shock I felt from my seat while hearing you speak. I always thank God for keeping me surrounded by his people while I was incarcerated.(speaking of you & a couple others) hearing your testimony and reading your book has helped set me free in a way I don’t know how to express. You encourage me to be greater. The thing I admire the most about you is, even going thru your own situations, you always reached out to help another. Always gave us information, and always took a stand. Girl your book is so good (you’re very brave for that) It needs to be in Oprahs book club.(not sure if she still has a book club). Well, I hope you’re enjoying life.  I love you.” TB, New York

“True Story – better story line than most novels.” – Julie, Brazil

“I can’t put this book down’ – Michelle, Austin

” I am proud to call you family….Your words are designed to help other members in our family who feel and have felt as you did growing up. I have purchase on kindle for another family member hoping to inspire and find her way home.” – J, California

“I will not spoil this reading for anyone, but all I know is that I can not put this book down! Feels like I am going through a “Scandal” suspense LOL! Awesome writing and great inspiration to us all who have made choices in life..”. – FM, Houston

My darling sister Sandra. You are “Awesome.” Thanks for sharing your journey in an attempt to help others know there are consequences and repercussions for the choices we make. You made yourself transparent through your descriptive discussions of the roads that lead to unfamiliar/unknown places and now by reflecting on the past you are on the path to “YOU.” In reaching “YOU”, the path will have those learned lessons to help navigate the way. Love you and really looking forward to our “Sisterly Love Time” this weekend with all of the girls sharing – what has been going on in our world and what the future may entail – since the last gathering”. – Dr. Ulrica Jones

“I knew Dr. Smith in high school. She was a wonderful friend and a good student. We lost contact after our Junior year when I moved away. I was so glad to find her again through the magic of Facebook! And even more thrilled to read her life story since we lost contact all of those years ago. Open, honest, candid. She laid it all out there for everyone to see. This took bravery. I love a story of a life restored and blessed once healing takes place from our decisions. A great read! I couldn’t put it down once I started it! A testament to the fact that you can start over and be blessed over and above what you thought or imagined even after life altering mistakes. I encourage everyone to read her book!” – AC, Abbeville, AL

“I received this incredible book about life’s choices this morning and completely read the book in 3 hours!!! Dr. Sandra D. Smith thank you for sharing your story. May God continue to bless You!!!!” – LG, Brooklyn, NY

“What an incredible journey! The first book I’ve read from cover to cover in one extraordinary setting. It takes us to places that explore all aspects of the human experience (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). Once you read it, make sure you buy it for all those that are near and dear to you. God is good.” Charlie, Delaware

“I could not put it down! Your story is healing to anyone that has ever felt alone, hopeless or helpless. These are lessons for everyone and anyone that has ever felt unworthy of unconditional love, forgiveness or a second chance. God is a God of second, third, fourth….. You truly reflect what is possible if we trust, believe, and make the right choice! Awesome !!!!” – Madeline, NC

“This is an amazing true life story. I applaud your courage in sharing this awesome story with us through your book. I am certain that the book is going to be a blessing to our young people and all who read it. All I can say is GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY. THANK YOU JESUS. May God continue to bless you”.- Arthur H., AL